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Discovery Park

A week after I moved to Seattle, Katie came out to visit and we had another shoot. Before the move, I had been commissioned by 8 friends to take their graduation portraits, so by this time I was more comfortable with the camera. We decided to check out Discovery Park in Magnolia, solely to see the lighthouse. Little did we know that it was 1.5 mile hike. This would be fine except it was supposed to pour and we had just expected to drive straight to it. We were limited in time, due to the weather, but the hike was very rewarding: cliff-side outlooks, lush paths, plenty of wooden stairs, and finally the lighthouse.

Pockets of people were already there taking their InstaMood photos when we arrived, so we sat and enjoyed the view of the mountains and sail boats. A sea otter was swimming about, not only 20 feet from us. The rain didn’t hit until we got back in the car, and we topped off the day with some delicious Zeeks Pizza.



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