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Diablo Lake Trail

The idea for this hike came during a night of celebration of Stevi and Bryan’s new apartment. It was a struggle to keep everyone dedicated by morning, but we only lost a few from the group. Zach, Marissa, Amanda, Trevor, his dog, and I piled into Trevor’s car and headed east on the North Cascades Highway. Although, before we even got going, we were held up in Lake Stevens to watch Zach and Marissa eat their breakfast. And then we needed to get Java Juice. Anyways, the drive took about 2.5 hours but the views are very scenic and rewarding.

We chose Diablo Lake because it’s notorious for dope photos on Instagram and we simply needed to shoot it. However, the views we were searching for were not from the hike we were about to take, but from the Diablo Lake Viewpoint – which you can straight up drive to. We didn’t know that at the time. It was still a great hike with a few views of the surrounding mountains and lake. We detoured a couple of times to see the Ross Dam, cross a suspension bridge, and walk along a stream of waterfalls. The hike was only supposed to be 6.8mi, but we turned it in to 9mi.

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