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Dillon Gogarty

Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer based in Seattle, Washington. My passion stems from years of connecting, collaborating, and creating with like-minded individuals. My goal is to never stop growing, to teach, & to inspire.

available for select freelance projects

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Dillon Gogarty is a Seattle-based, creative who’s work spans across multiple disciplines of design. He was born in a suburb of Chicago and raised in the small town of Colville, Washington. At 17, he committed to architecture as his path of study, and along the way began to explore other fields of design. He received his Master of Architecture degree in 2016 from Washington State University and is currently with FREIHEIT Architecture as an architectural designer. His interests include all scales of the built environment, exploring the cascades, and writing bios in third person.

“I have always been surrounded by some type of creative all my life – from my artistic family to my talented crew of friends. I constantly challenge myself to new styles, techniques, and mediums. The countless iterations, late-night whiteboard sessions, and the rewarding final product are what I live for. Simply put, I just love to create.”

Interview: Hippo Magazine

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