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Concave Elements

Research Partner: Trevor Gunderson
Studio Professor: Darrin Griechen

Concave elements is the simple idea that our team sought to solve, can we create a beam and column connection that can carry an offset load through a concave shaped system.  We started with the design of the column with a simple sketch of an offset load, we then came up with ideas on how to carry that offset load through the beam and into the column. The beam design is a simple solution to carrying an offset load over a long distance.  Our team went through a series of solutions that tested different fabrics, different pour ratios, alternative pouring techniques, and molds that ultimately ended up with a final beam solution.

The column was designed to carry the same load that the beam is carrying; we took the load path from the top of the column and carried it down through the column that created the initial shape of the column.  Once we had the initial shape we then applied the same concave shape to the column in order to achieve the minimal shape that was possible. The ultimate series of the beam and column is an achievement of a goal set out to carry an offset load through a beam and into a column.


Final form assembly. Concave beam and 2 uniquely poured columns.


Trials and failures of panel pours.


Trials and failures of beam pours.


Trials and failures of column pours.


Exhibition in River Park Square, Spokane Washington.


Full-scale rendering by T. Gunderson. Columns and beams used as infrastructural support.

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