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Path 14

Research Partners: Bryan Dorsey, Trevor Gunderson, and Antonio Norsworthy.
Studio Professor: Darrin Griechen
Site: University District | Spokane, WA

WSU is using the corner of Main and Pine as a gateway point between the University District and the downtown core. The campus wants to use the space to promote lively mixed used spaces between students and the public. The campus has an opportunity to very much promote the importance of the space by having a tall wood tower that can reinforce the mixing of the two different downtown vibes.

Right now there is really no connection between the downtown core and the campus core; one boundary ends and the other begins with no connection or transition. This is an opportunity to foster this connection by creating a gathering space that both students and the public can use side by side.


Inter-District Connectivity
​​A connectivity mesh overlay on Downtown Spokane, with Division Street and the Railroad acting as permanent boundaries dividing the city into multiple regions, creating a physical disconnect.


Density Boundaries
​The density map and analysis hatches identify the Spokane districts, parking lots, and industrial building types. These boundaries facilitate the discussion of the two side-by-side districts, creating the possibility of linking the pieces at the site.


The Disconnect
There are pieces of infrastructure that could be connective. Spokane Boulevard and Main Street are two weak connections because they are bisected by division street, creating a poor environment on the pedestrian scale. Although, the possibility remains for them to be connective tissue.


The Cross Laminated Timber Structure Challenge
​The design challenge of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures is that the traditional approach for panel connection must be rethought for a high-rise tower. There are two design problems that must be solved: the differential shrinkage in the cross-grain, where the building moves too much, and the massive loading creates significant crushing. These become our design parameters for creating an emergent system.


Traditional platform framing, used for the smaller 3-4 stories on the building


Traditional CLT connection detail


Balloon framing system that will be used for the high-rise portion of the structure


Emergent CLT connection detail

6th Floor Residential Interior Rendering

Ground Floor Cafe Interior Rendering


Ground Floor Plan – Commerce / Retail

3rd Floor Plan – Business

6th Floor Plan – Residential

​West Building
1. Coffee / Cafe
2. Retail
3. Storage
4. Atrium
5. Stairwell
6. Office
7. Bathroom
8. Lobby

East Building
1. Market
2. Bathroom
3. Storage
4. Atrium
5. Bookie

​West Building
1. Open Office
2. Private Office
3. Bathroom
4. Stairwell
5. Storage

East Building
1. Restaurant
2. Bathroom
3. Storage
4. Kitchen
5. Lobby

​West Building
1. One Bedroom Unit
2. Two Bedroom Unit
3. Balcony
4. Exterior Space
5. Storage
6. Hallway
7. Stairwell

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