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Echo is the smart phone application that allows its users to experience the city, stress free. The focus of the app is to make the travel experience and social aspects of city life easier to discover and share with others. When a user participates in a positive event, their voice is echoed throughout the city, allowing for more optimistic experiences to occur.

Well-being encompasses how we think about and experience our lives. In communities with higher well-being, we have found that people live longer, happier lives, and business and local economies flourish. Echo gathers people from a variety of backgrounds, to assemble and interact with one another in a public setting. Echo encourages residents to explore their city, bringing people together to give back to their community. This app has the high potential to grow and strengthen the community’s infrastructure; more members can be involved in temporary/pop-up events and provide their feedback.

The home screen quickly displays your interests, charting how many activities or events are available to you in your area.

When you hold on a specific interest you can add or subtract a new parameter to your interest.

Here, a sidebar offers new parameters sorted by category.

The Explore screen breaks down events into categories to keep decision-making easy.

Once a category is selected, events in your area fill the screen, sorted by most recent events.

Presets are available to configure your echo graph with specific parameters sorted by moods or themes.

The community page is to allow users to post about their opinion on events currently happening. ​This page is to share, express, and promote events.

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