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Smart Transit Anytime

This smart phone app is in conjunction with the Integrated Transit smart city project. The project incorporated an urban gondola system, combined with smart technological infrastructure, and a mobile application to make transportation much more efficient. Among these kind of integration effects we begin to think about how walking, biking, and the bus lines all start to work together. This is paramount, in the sense of being more effectively done by adding our app: Smart Transit Anytime.

​Right now, there are all these transportation apps, but most are passive. The user searches their destination and sees where it goes. With STA, you lock it in. You say this is my trip and you send out the information. This starts to queue a priority to make sure that your mode of transportation is there for you at that time, and the system builds to that capacity. If everyone starts to use this, then it becomes a much more responsive piece. Essentially, the user is saying “I am here and I am going there, make sure I have a seat” and this makes a huge difference.

To demonstrate the features of STA let’s go through a scenario of someone traveling from home to work. ​

First in the app, you type your destination and lock in your excursion. Then proceed to your first mode of transportation, beginning your trip.

The app tracks your trips progress giving you an accurate ETA to each of your modes of transportation and destination.

Your mobile transportation ticket will give you access to all modes of transportation, even city bikes through your personal QR code.

Finally, when you have arrived at your destination it will provide a trip overview of your recorded miles giving incentives for free trips after mile goals are achieved.

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