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1. Townsend

A little warmth in the clouds and coolness in the shadows. This preset keeps the greens looking fresh, but adds that burnt flare to it. This is possibly my favorite preset if there is a mostly cloudy sky and the fog is rolling in – especially if you’re eye level with the sky. Townsend’s overall result is a vibrant, naturalistic vibe with a natural blue tint. 



  • Morning light / afternoon sun
  • Overcast or partly cloudy
  • 90% socked-in conditions
  • Forest-framed imagery


  • Mid afternoon -> sunset
  • In the shade
  • Already cool toned images
  • Blue hour

“My preset philosophy is entirely based on time and time saved. When you have a demanding job and a time consuming hobby or side hustle, you’ll often be looking for optimization. That’s who these are designed for: the busy creative. These presets will give you the effective base you need to enhance and create beautiful photographs.”


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Please note: Presets work best when images are shot in RAW o/ JPEG. Presets are best utilized when exposure, white balance, highlights, and shadows are tweaked. Presets are available for instant download after purchase. For best results use with Lightroom CC.

Townsend Disclaimer: This preset does NOT work with DJI images.

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