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Glacier, an impulse trip


Glacier Trip 7/20/2018

Our national parks pass was set to expire July 2018. 

Katie checked her schedule and verified she blocked out that weekend in her calendar. If she doesn’t block out a weekend like 4 months in advance, they will most definitely get booked up. This is a good thing, but it’s also very inconvenient for spontaneous adventures.

I checked my project calendar and put in a PTO request for a Monday off. As long as I put these in at least 10 days in advance, they will most likely get approved. 

For us growing up, Glacier was the closest national park – it was only 279 miles away from our little town. It still seemed incredibly far, but in all honesty, I didn’t really know of it’s existence when I was younger. Even while attending college I was still only 329 miles away from Glacier and never thought to drive out there. And, just right before college, I had started to really get into road tripping, but I still didn’t know about Glacier or really any National Park. (I once took a road trip from NE Washington to San Diego and back not knowing about Yosemite… how?) I feel like National Park awareness has grown exponentially since the rise of Instagram. 

Anyways, now that we are living in Seattle and my passion for time on the road is uncontrollable, we made the decision to finally see it. Now, only 553 miles and 9.5 hours away. 

The plan was to leave Seattle at around 6pm and drive until 1am, hopefully passing the Idaho/Montana border. This way we’d get a solid work day in and eat our cake too.

It’s now Thursday, the day before takeoff, and everything was falling into place. The trip seemed like it was actually going to happen. When out of nowhere, Katie started to get sick and she was forced to take antibiotics with a frightening side effects list. As disappointing as it was, we both agreed it was probably best to cancel the trip (and also find alternate solutions to the antibiotics). 

>> fast forward to August

Glacier Trip 7/20/2018 8/10/2018

The main reason for the impulse of the last plans was to use the pass one last time. Now that the pass was expired, the pull shifted to our intense desire to see glacier. I say “our” but it’s probably more of a “my”. We planned to wait until Katie’s next blocked weekend and I again put in my PTO for a Monday off. Again, everything was going according to plan. Then, a week before the trip, youngest Sadie got sick and we had to get her on antibiotics. Sadie powered through the week and was on a strict diet of rice and chicken – which she was stoked on for 3 days, and then she shifted to staring at her dried food bag around dinner time trying to drop a hint. Either way, her last antibiotic was scheduled for Friday morning, the day we were to leave. We decided if she was better by then, we’d keep the trip on.

Sadie pulled through. 

Below are a few moments from our trip:



Also, on the Thursday night before Sadie pulled through, we had a check-engine-light scare on the Jeep. We rushed to an AutoZone to get it checked and we made it there like 10 minutes before closing. It turned out to be that the gas cap was loose. lol. Also, after the dude told us the diagnosis in the store, Katie walked into a column on our way out. Another lol. That memory will be with me for a long time. 


Also also, I posted a behance editing story from glacier. You can peep it here.


I’ve got a lot more to edit and a lot more to say, so stay tuned for the next one. Thanks for watching y’all ??

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