an algorithmically remapped NFT limited series of photographs taken in the pacific northwest. 

what are bitscapes?

Bitscapes are a limited NFT series minted exclusively on the decentralized hic et nunc application utilizing the Tezos Blockchain. The artwork is created by algorithmically remapping photographs I personally took out in my travels around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. There will be 21 total in the series, each with 5 editions. The content of the artwork will vary – some will feature a tiny human, mountains, atmospheric landscapes, different colored backgrounds, etc. Though the overall aesthetic of the bitscapes and animations will remain the same.

who is the artist?

Hello – my name is Dillon or you may know me as DLNGO on discord. I am a photographer & artist based in Washington State. I have been in the crypto space for a long time but have recently started to create work specifically for NFTs. I’ve minted a few art pieces on various platforms, but this is my first dabble into a limited series of collectible art. You can find more about me in the profile section of my site or follow my journey on social media using the links under “work”.

Much love if you choose to support my work by purchasing these NFTs. This was a fun series to create and I hope you enjoy having this art in your collection. 🖤


Though this sounds like a heavily programmed process – I am just an artist utilizing some tools I picked up along the way. Each Bitscape is derived from a photo I personally composited or created out in the field. The photograph is ran through a graphical algorithm editor called grasshopper, exported as vector line work, and thrown in after effects for final adjustments. The artwork is a 1000 x 1000px animated GIF minted as an IPFS NFT.

sale details:

New Bitscape artwork will be dropped 2x per week (Mondays & Thursdays). The price of Bitscapes will follow some-what of a bonding curve to allow early supporters to pick up these artworks under market value (5 XTZ). Pricing will be as follows:

00 – 04;      1 XTZ
05 – 09;      1.5 XTZ
10 – 14;       2 XTZ
15 – 19;       2.5 XTZ
20;                5 XTZ

how do I get one?

First you will need to purchase some Tezos (XTZ) – this can be bought or converted on most exchanges. Most notable exchanges are Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, KuCoin, or Kraken. After you have acquired XTZ you will need a digital wallet to transfer and link to your hic et nunc (HEN) account. The wallet I use is Temple. It is a cryptocurrency wallet for the Tezos blockchain as a web extension for your browser. After you have funds in your wallet – visit the HEN site, find the artwork, and click collect. Feel free to DM if you have any issues or questions.

let's see the art!

Below are the pieces currently minted on the blockchain. After release, you can use this site to directly link you to the hic et nunc asset page or visit my account page:

If the art is listed as SOLD OUT, it can still be purchased it on the secondary market if other collectors are selling.

BITSCAPES #00sold out
BITSCAPES #01sold out
BITSCAPES #02sold out
BITSCAPES #03sold out
BITSCAPES #041/5 available
BITSCAPES #055/5 available

for updates and drop announcements, follow me on twitter @dillongogarty