My name is dillon and I am a photographer, architect, and nft collector. I’ve put together an oncyber gallery of some pieces I’ve collected over the past two years if you feel like checking it out.

My genesis photography collection, blue shift was launched on August 18th, 2021. I’ve created a virtual gallery where you can explore blue shift in greater detail. Prior to this, I dropped an art piece titled tri sun, minted March 18th, 2021. I have plans to further develop this into a larger art collection. My genesis foundation piece was minted May 12, 2021, my second piece has no reserve. This spring, I dropped a new photography collection called Facades of Memories on foundation. It is currently minting for 0.037e. If you’re looking for something physical, I launched hella good prints in 2020. Currently, I am in the process of forming an architecture studio. v excited.

Last year was for flipping, this year is for creating.

thanks again for visiting. You can find me and my art on twitter, instagram, or in discord. ✌️