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The Summer Collection: (4) Lightroom Presets



The Summer Collection:

An adventure photography Lightroom preset collection built for those that earn their views. 

The aim for this summer collection is to be a tool for all times of day, but particularly the most challenging, mid day sun. They all can be interchanged throughout the day, but the intention was to create a collection geared for summer. 90% of images have used these presets as a base. The presets are arranged as followed: Morning (Townsend), Noon (Enchantments), and Afternoon (Kiwanda).  + 1 bonus preset only available via purchase of the complete set.


  1. Townsend

A little warmth in the clouds and coolness in the shadows. This preset keeps the greens looking fresh, but adds that burnt flare to it. This is possibly my favorite preset if there is a mostly cloudy sky and the fog is rolling in – especially if you’re eye level with the sky. The overall result is a vibrant, naturalistic vibe with a natural blue tint. 


> Click here to explore the “Townsend” preset


  1. Enchantments

When backpacking through the alpine, you won’t always have the luxury of photographing your surroundings at golden hour. Enchantments is designed to bring the most out of your morning light and mid day photographs at high altitude. The preset focuses on highlighting the cool reflection of the sky, while maintaining earthy tones in the shadows. 


> Click here to explore the “Enchantments” preset


  1. Kiwanda

The chillest of editing tools, Kiwanda was designed for the northwest surfer vibe. The preset was inspired by days spent watching the sun rise and set in front of the sea stack at Cape Kiwanda. This edit promotes a clean and silky atmosphere in your photographs that is intended to bring back that very experience. 


> Click here to explore the “Kiwanda” preset



+ 1 Bonus


  1. SW sauce

Traveling from the PNW to the desert is hard enough: Dealing with the dry heat, beaming sun, and non stop sunscreen. Of course we out here snapping photos of everything we see – cacti, lizards, dried river beds, or whatever, it’s all new from what we typically see. After about a day, we of course end up with a handful of heaters in the process and we’re usually hella stoked on them. At least, until we bring them into Lightroom. Editing photographs from the SW are way different than from the north. Obviously. Attached is the SW sauce that will help jumpstart the editing magic that will flow through your fingertips. 

Best for: 

Desert conditions, Red/Orange rock scenes, Lush deserts

Not best for:

PNW-ish photographs

Please note: Presets work best when images are shot in RAW o/ JPEG. Presets are best utilized when exposure, white balance, highlights, and shadows are tweaked. Presets are available for instant download after purchase. For best results use with Lightroom CC.

Townsend Disclaimer: This preset does NOT work with DJI images.

All purchases are final.


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